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Imatis is a game-changer - a leading provider of ICT tools for

clinical workflow, logistics, unified and intelligent communication and messaging for health care



Imatis AS was founded in 2007 in Norway, as a healthcare spinoff from CARDIAC AS, and is a leading software company in delivering innovative lightweight ICT solutions specifically designed for healthcare organizations.

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We have established partnerships to focus on delivering advanced patient-centric software solutions on robust, medical-grade ICT infrastructure and devices.

For career opportunities in Imatis AS or in one of our subsidiaries, please send us an e-mail describing your skills and what value you can bring to our company.

Imatis and our founder Morten Andresen was one of three nominees for the Ernst & Young (EY) Entrepreneur Of The Year in 2014 in Norway

Who are we:

The precursior to Imatis, Cardiac AS, originated in 1991 at the Norwegian Technical University in Trondheim, Norway. From what was initially a supplier to the oil and gas industry, Imatis was founded in 2007 to concentrate on e-health when the original company was split in two.

Imatis is an enterprise software company, which has successfully delivered a number of greenfeld digital hospital projects. It operates globally with offices in Europe, Australia and North America. Imatis was founded by Morten Andresen.

What we do:

Imatis AS provides solutions for hospitals, community and home care and integrates these different levels of care.

Imatis applications, built around our IMATIS Fundamentum lightweight ITC web applications and the multi-speed architecture platform system, provides capability for care collaboration, mobility, secure messaging, pervasive integration, real-time information, location based services, nurse call and emergency alarms. The system runs on a number of platforms including Microsoft Azure and is built around the concept of “lightweight ITC” where users access apps and widgets from a modern web browser regardless of the make of the end user devices.

Our mission:

Developing great software products for healthcare is our main mission. We help our customers by develop agile, lean and effective workflows for all users of our software, including patients, family members and staff. Our lightweight ITC design strategy is a key benefit for our customers. The product portfolio is designed to deliver value on top of the existing investment in legacy ITC systems and infrastructure.

Our impact:

Imatis enables the care organisaton to increase staff productivity by reducing mundane tasks and wasted  time, in order to deliver quality healthcare. By facilitating more efficient secure clinical communications and teamwork, anywhere, anytime, any device information access, intuitive navigation of clinical information, care collaboration and orchestration, streamlined patient flow and engaging patents in the care process in and out of the hospital, Imatis can bring a transformative effect on the care organization regardless of size or function.


Cardiac AS, was well-known in the oil and gas sector, where the company worked with several innovation projects, gathering data from more than 100.000 sensors from the North Sea installations.  All data was stored in to our own Historian database, today our platform for internet-of-things.  We have since shifted focus to cover the healthcare sector, and in 2007 our company was split up for this reason. Since then we have delivered in close co-operation with Telenor, Hewlett Packard Enterprice and other partners.  Our references include several greenfield projects, such as St. Olav's University Hospital, Akershus University Hospital (AHUS), New Østfold Hospital, Nordlands Hospital, New Royal Adelaide Hospital (Australia) and new Humber River Hospital (Canada).  In addition to these greenfield projects, where we have delivered significant parts of the software solutions, we have partecipated in several brownfield projects and have established a dedicated team for delivering software and services to the primary and secondary care sectors.

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