In the spirit of Imatis' vision of creating a better everyday life for patients, families and caregivers, we have expanded our ambitions by including the environment and working towards becoming a certified Eco-Lighthouse.

The certification is Norway's most used certification for companies who wish to commit to environmentally sound operations and management. Companies who are certified must strive to improve their annual results in different areas connected to the environment; transport, energy, waste, purchases, emissions etc. The overall goal is to keep improving and to always decrease one's negative impact on the environment.

“The environment is obviously a vital component in ensuring better health and we want to do our part!” Morten Andresen, CEO of Imatis, reasons. “We all have a responsibility to the environment and to care for our local area. We aspire to having a positive influence in our society, and the environment is one of the areas in which we can make a difference.”

Imatis delivers innovative ICT solutions and products to the health sector in Norway, Scandinavia and internationally, and very few of our customers are in close geographical proximity to our head office. We do our best to reduce our carbon footprint by replacing physical travel with web and telephone meetings whenever possible. IMATIS Fundamentum WebRTC, Skype, Lync and Facetime are all in frequent use at our headquarters and for employees who travel and work in the field.

Smaller efforts, such as turning off monitors and separating/recycling of waste, accumulate over time, and actually do make a difference in the long run.

“By adjusting many of the smaller day to day tasks, we improve the company's environmental footprint and hopefully each employee will continue to choose to be environmentally conscious outside work,” Morten Andresen explains further.

A better working environment

The certificate deals with traditional environmental issues, but the certification requirements also concern workplace environmental factors, such as health and safety, preventive measures and degree of worker's participation etc. Each individual employee is given the opportunity to influence their own working day and environment in dialogue with the management or even anonymously through the safety representative or their union.

Imatis, being a typical office-based enterprise, has introduced several initiatives to break the monotony of a workday which largely consists of sitting in front of a computer. All employees may attend the weekly yoga classes or spinning lessons. A physiotherapist visits the offices every fortnight to help adjust and advice on the physical work environment as well as offering treatment at a very low price.

“We want to hold our own company to the highest of standards and create a 'health house' of sorts, where we anticipate the needs of our employees.” The Eco-Lighthouse and official HSE requirements form the basis for such a “health house”, with focus on physical and mental health aspects.

The goal? An inclusive and open workplace where each employee takes pride in the work they perform and the team they belong to.