Care orchestration with lightweight ICT solutions

Imatis - is a game changer and leading provider of ICT tools and platform for care orchestration, clinical workflow, messaging,alarm managemen, task management and mobility. Our solution supports clinical logistics, patient logistics and service logistics, as well as tools for building apps and workflow for healthcare. Apps developed by the Imatis tools can instantly be used in production environment by connection to our lightweight ICT platform. Easier and faster digitalization with lightweight ICT from Imatis.  Two-speed innovation and implementation is the solution for digitalization in the healthcare sector. Fast on lightweight technology and slow moving on legecay systems. Imatis also serve customer with a Low-Code Application Platform.



The IMATIS suite of hospital eHealth software focuses and eco-system of pervasive technology integration, bringing out the best in primary systems through lightweight applications. Hospital solutions include patient journey tracking, nurse call, critical alarm management, task management, flow management, queue management, clinical and collaborative pathways, patient engagement, video & voice, presence, clinical-grade mobility, an advanced messaging engine and much more. The Imatis solution have full support for mobility both for clinical use, messaging and logistics, as well a telehealth solution for home consulatation of patients...


Our concept for community care supports streamlining care between different levels of care, e.g. hospitals, nursing homes, emergency centers, community caregivers etc.

Examples of solutions include central response centers, staff mobility solutions, emergency solutions, smart call systems, sensor integrations, location based services, logistics, patient safety, mobility, patient journey, team collaboration, messaging and workflow optimization. Imatis has in the Fundamentum platform full support for Internet of Things (IoT) that is in full speed into municipality care.


Our platform for home care allows patients and residents to safely stay in their own homes whilst being monitored by healthcare staff. Our software and solution include health apps, sensor integrations (IoT), safety alarms, video and voice communication, daily health surveys and clinical pathways for different conditions. The solution also support mobility for staff, as well as plug an play integration to Imatis solutions installed in Hospitals and Municipalities. Patient flow for COPD, diabetes, heart failures and psychiatry is developed, other patient flows is under development in close cooperation with customers

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Analytics - Activity Monitoring

IMATIS Activity Monitoring - Analytics is the systematic use of data and related business insights developed through the IMATIS Fundamentum lightweight ICT platform. IMATIS stores all events from the system traffic within each integration, workflow and the messaging platform.  This has proven to be an fantastic source for real- time analysis, activity monitoring and reporting of key performance indicators.  This is the fastest growing module in the IMATIS lightweight ICT platform, used by our existing customers. By combining the data source with artificial intelligence, machine learning and advansed multivatiate data analysis exciting result can be achived.

Australian Digital Health Agency

Secure Messaging project


User Forum 2020

Imatis has just completed the Australian Digital Health Agency's Secure Messaging Industry Offer project.  As a result, the Integration Engine IMATIS Fundamentum is in version 6.1.2 fully integrated and tested with HL7 FHIR version 2.4.   Our successful completion of this project ensures that Imatis's software is bi-directionally compatible with many more existing heavyweight IT systems in Australia and worldwide.

This Australian Government initiative was delivered through a close partnership between the Agency and the Imatis product development team using the Agency’s test hub as the collaboration platform.

Welcome to the IMATIS User Forum

Imatis are pleased to invite you to the Imatis User Forum 2020. Caused of the Covid-19 situatiin the IMATIS user Forum will be an series of webinars where we deep dive into some of the new functinality of tha lastest release of IMATIS Software.

The User Forum is for registrated user of IMATIS Only. Contact Imatis for a access pass to the events

Digital Hospital


Fast and safe handling of all types of critical alarms and messaging in community and hospital is delivered by the Imatis solution.  The alarm is delivered directly into your smart phone. Fast, informative and user-friendly. With location based service, and a responsible role concept from Imatis, the alarm position can be tracked, and the location can be used to send the alarm to the closest resource with the right role. Imatis integrates the most common nurse call, tracking system and wireless safety alarms in the market today. The solution includes presence, task management and automation.


Many patients, especially chronic care patients, require follow up and close caregiver monitoring after hospital discharge, or are in need of caregiver proximity due to their condition. In many cases hospital readmission can be avoided, or hospital stay can be shorter because caregivers can

detect early deterioration in a patient's condition, and can apply preventive measures. Imatis has developed a patient engagement solution connected to a remote caregiver response centre to monitor patients or engage with them either through a scheduled interaction or ad-hoc. Imatis telehealth solution is based on WebRTC technology, our famous IoT solution, standard patient pathways as well as surveys run by the patient on there own tablets, smartphone or desktop.


The IMATIS survey and flow widgets enables easy creation of surveys and questionnaires, With this widget, paper-based routines and forms is really a thing of the past!. The surveys are connected to a whiteboard for storing answers, and can also be integrated with the self-service check-in kiosk.

The widget was originally created as an application for patients to report their daily health status for post-discharge follow-up in chronic disease management.

The survey can use Mobile BankID for secure log-in for patients. payment can be done bye the Norwegian Vipps or the Swidish Swithc as well as bank debit and credit cards.


In Safe Hands was originally launched in 2011 as a patient safety campaign by the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services. From 2014, the campaign continued as a five-year programme. The aim of the programme is to reduce patient harm. Imatis has developed tools to support the programme. The tools are based on IMATIS Visi electronic whiteboard, check-lists and Apps on smart phone.  The tool is used both by Hospital and Municipality. The programme is based on international check-lists as fall-risk, medication management and much more...


SnomedCT - Visual Health

The IMATIS Visual Health is a  app take on the IMATIS platform, designed for patients to gain access to information, register arrivial, communicate with staff and participate actively in their own treatment. Any healthcare provider, regardless of level and frequency of care provided, can benefit from offering the  patient portal and apps to their patients or clients. You can even pay for the visit, get access to your own record and treatment plan, booking information, communicate, collect sensor data from the app. IMATIS Visual Health uses SnomeCT terminilogy to access ICD10 codes on a visual  3-D model of the body.

IMATIS Porta outpatient management is a complete queue, way-finding and waiting system for hospitals and health organizations, offering options for patients and staff to ease the arrival process and the administrative flow of patients within the organization. Patients may self-register on the Porta check-in kiosks or from there smartphone upon arrival, and use the Porta waiting area displays and/or receive text messages with information about waiting areas and times, receive calls to appointments etc. Patients are free to wait in cafés or outside, to be called on the displays or with messages to their phones. Imatis have automation tools to be used for making the flow of patients optimal regarding waiting time, well informed patients and involving staff.

Oslo Municipality

New Haraldsplass Hospital

Vesträ Götaland Region

Imatis has signed a new contract with the Helse Vest Region, including the brand new greenfield project in Bergen - Haraldsplass. The installation includes mobility, activity monitoring, integration and messaging, patient logistic, service logistic and clinical logistic solutions for all departments.  Task management, alarm management, and mobile nurse call is also a part of the installation.  The contracts include a roll-out to all hospitals in Helse Vest Region in Norway. The system will be installed on some central servers designed for high ability and redundancy. The platform is based on the IMATIS Fundamentum lightweight ICT platfrom and eco-system.

The system also includes a regional roll out of self check in kiosk with payment and way finding.  Patients can also use ther own smartphone for registration, following there bookings, paying for the stay by using VIPPS or ther bank card.

The Mobilix app will be used by the staff, using smart phones. it includes messaging, paging, clinical and logisticc as well as facility management.

VGR have decided to implement the IMATIS Porta patient logistic and queue management solution from Imatis in a central supported installation.  The solution includes modern check-in kiosk with payment, web apps for patients to check in and pay from their personal smartphone with Switch, way finding, info screens, queue management software for staff and integration to the PAS and HIS system. The system will be used by the Hospitals and the Municipalitie.

The solutions including all kiosk, payment etc.a can be manged from a central web application.    

Millions are saved and job satisfaction boosted when doctors and nurses are actively involved in selecting the IT systems they need to rationalise their day-to-day routines. “From 2015 to 2016 the unit has produced efficiency improvements amounting to approx. NOK 3.7 million”, says SINTEF researcher Tarald Rohde, who has been following the project’s cost-efficiency. In 2018 the Director Runar Nygaard said to the Daily News Varden that the savings last year even are bigger. “We believe that these efficiency improvements are the result of the digital clinical logistics system IMATIS, combined with organisational restructuring.

Moreover, we also achieve certain economies of scale, as well as building experience in our administration of the KAD system”, he says. The value of greater patient safety and better patient care is a bonus. Imatis delivers advanced messaging, mobile care, clinical logistics, integration engine, IoT database and Fundamentum lightweight ITC platfrom. The solution run from MS Azure Cloud with services developed by Imatis.